Turning Tables creates Vergy to bring real citizens and local institutions together around the energy transition. Application, education, testing and measuring. Learning with them and through them. Making change real.

Sustainable energy solutions through citizens, communities and institutions.

Connect technology with citizens to push energy communities as a model. We all face the same challenge, locally and globally. Push this models needs people to understand how technology can really accelerate the change and make their lives better.

And that means…

We deliver energy solutions “from lab to homes”, and we test and learn measuring its use. Let’s understand how the new way of buying, selling and sharing energy will be. If citizens come together and collaborate, they will achieve savings as individuals, and a greater environmental and social impact in the community as a whole.

What Vergy has done

We want to understand daily life in order to learn and measure how energy is consumed. Along these lines, we are currently working on some technology projects around energy efficiency. From batteries for self-consumption to charging points for electric cars and more efficient measure systems.

Connecting citizens with infrastructures and local institutions is key for these technologies to have a real impact on the power grid and our lives.  

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