How we work

We work end to end to detect opportunities that we can validate, apply and scale through technology. Our DNA is agile and our reach must be global.

We make it right

We look for opportunities to accelerate change, the right gap to innovate and apply technology to push clean energy.. 

We want to find and develop radical new technologies and business models.  The potential to disrupt the energy industry is here.  Impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people is only possible through exponential technologies.

We approach projects with the speed and ambition necessary to push sustainable change.

We make it real

We are experts in connecting the right resources at the right speed to run real applications that give us key metrics for a clear vision of the next step. 

This is how we prepare the ground to implement solutions with the potential to achieve an exponential impact. If we want to make it real we must involve people and industry together.

We make it happen

From producers to consumers. From an idea to a power line, from a prototype to homes. From purpose to action.

In Turning Tables, we develop and apply our own solutions to make it easier to produce, distribute and consume clean energy. But we also work above and beyond tech solutions.

Infrastructure, data and users must be connected to work together. We created our people branch: Vergy. Because we need to connect citizens, consumers and local institutions with innovators and technology.

The Living Lab is our infrastructure branch.  Turning Tables Living Lab connects the key players in the global energy sector and provides a test field for innovation.

We make it big

Scaling a validated business model is not just a matter of investment and resources.

To optimize scaling, it is important to be connected with the main actors and stakeholders of the ecosystem.  Living Lab is the innovation hub that make it possible. 

To turn the tables in the energy industry, purpose-driven projects must stick together for greater success. Exponential growth is the best way for change, our way.